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Light Up Your Kitchen

A well-kit kitchen can add style and ambience to your home as well as providing a safe working area. The kitchen is where you prepare your meals and gather with your family and friends. The key to good lighting is to use a variety of ambient, task and natural light sources. Take A Look At Your Space The amount of lighting you need will depend on the size, and layout of your kitchen. Is there lots of natural light? Do you have high ceilings? Are the finishes in your space dark or light? Keep in mind, dark cabinets and countertops will absorb more light and will require up to 30% more lighting than white or light-colour surfaces. Using A Variety of Light Sources Below are some lighting ideas to consider that feature both style and function as well as keeping all your work spaces well-lit: Overall Lighting Recessed Lighting These simple lights provide great ambient lighting for the whole room. Lights should be placed 24-42" inches apart and spaced evenly around the room. Chandeliers These elegant fixtures are no longer relegated to the dining room only and are becoming more popular in the kitchen as they can light up the room and add to your décor. Small, simple chandeliers can be hung in the center of the kitchen or over the sink area. Task Lighting These essential light fixtures should be placed over all cooking and work surfaces as well as the sink. Here are a few options to choose from: Undercabinet Lighting This lighting is installed underneath the length of your cabinets and mounted as close to the front edge as possible. This lighting supplements the overall ambient lighting to ensure good visibility when preparing meals. Choices include puck lights, rope lights, or LED or fluorescent strips. Pendant Lights Pendant fixtures provide necessary, direct illumination over work surfaces and depending on your style, can add a visual pop to your kitchen. Accent Lighting Create subtle mood lighting with halogen or LED puck or strip lights placed in areas around the kitchen to bring emphasize to China, cabinets or glassware.
Make a statement with your lighting, decide what fits your space and create your own style.

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